WATCH: Donald Trump on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

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Everyone’s favorite real life blowhard visited Stephen Colbert, the Late Show host formerly known as everyone’s favorite fake, TV blowhard. It was every bit as captivating and cringe-worthy as you hope.

Unaware human satire Donald Trump was Colbert’s first guest on Tuesday’s night’s show, after the host mocked him a good bit before he came out.

“I want to thank you not only for being here, but I want to thank you for running for President,” Colbert said early in the interview. “Because I’m not gonna say this stuff writes itself, but you certainly do deliver it on time every day.”

Trump gives a hollow, “Yeah, I think so, I think so. I work at it.”

In case you were wondering if his anger tweets were coming from someone else.

Colbert brought up the Zogby poll that showed Trump widening his lead after the second Republican debate. This was a surprise to many, who felt he had a much better showing in the first Republican debate, on Fox, and thought he showed a significant dropoff in performance on September 16.

“I’m not surprised at all…because the Republican Party has been a big pusher of the idea that money is speech, and you’re a ten billion dollar mouth,” Colbert said. He added, “They really want to stop you. Can they stop you?”

Colbert kept the heat on, reminding Trump that he has said that once you give money to a politician you own them, asking, “Which politicians did you own?”

Trump reminded us that he is self funding. And it’s not a good thing that you can buy politicians, even if he admits that he did it.

He didn’t want to answer the Obama birther claims that he was throwing around years ago.

“Barack Obama, born in the United States?” Colbert asked.

“I don’t talk about that anymore,” Trump said.

He did want to talk about Mexicans, though, of course, saying he wants to deport all illegals and build a wall. Mexico will pay for this, somehow, in his vision of the Trump led future.

He also made clear that he feels he has no one to apologize to:

They ended the segment by playing a who said it quote game “Trump or Colbert?”

Colbert making “The Donald” look stupid on his new show might be enough to make him finally drop in the polls. Just kidding, apparently nothing can do that. Dear God, have mercy on us all.

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Quotes Yes is an entertainment and lifestyle online magazine. This article was written by the editors.
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