Johnny Depp Once Assured Hunter S. Thompson He Was Beating Kate Moss Enough: “She Gets a Severe Beating”

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Johnny Depp signs autographs at the Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World’s End premiere in Anaheim, California. Photo by Anna Altheide, license CC 3.0.

When Johnny Depp met Hunter S. Thompson, ahead of playing him in “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” he recounts the writer asking him about his relationship with model Kate Moss.

The recollection comes from a 1998 “Rolling Stone” article:

Depp had gone to Aspen, Colorado, with a party that included Kate Moss and her mother. One friend suggested they go to Thompson’s local hangout, the Woody Creek Tavern. “In walks Hunter, wielding two cattle prods,” Depp recalls. “With serious voltage going up and down. A wand of electricity. You could see it, crackling up.” Depp laughs. “He’s not a disappointment at all.”


Thompson knew little about Depp. He had seen only one of Depp’s movies, Cry-Baby. “I never saw the end, of course,” Thompson apologizes, “because I had a little acid. It seemed like watching Oklahoma go on for three years.”


The writer and the actor hit it off. “I remember laughing constantly,” says Depp. “He zeroes in on faults and good points immediately. I was with Kate, and I think he went straight for the romance jugular, shit like whether I beat her enough. I probably told him, ‘Yeah, she gets a severe beating.'”


Johnny Depp has been accused of domestic abuse by his soon to be ex wife Amber Heard. This is the first time the actor has been accused of violence against a woman.

Depp and Heard first met on the set of the film “The Rum Diary,” which is based on the Hunter Thompson novel of the same name.

Clearly the two could have been joking, but it takes on a potentially new weight amid these allegations.

Thompson can be seen in an early clip arguing with a Hell’s Angel over interfering with a fellow Angel who was beating his wife and dog.

“Only a punk beats his wife and dog,” Thompson is claimed to have said.

Only minutes later, however, Thompson agrees with the Hell’s Angel when he says, “To keep a woman in line, you gotta beat her like a rug every once in awhile.”

The audience finds all of this delightful, because apparently spousal abuse was a big laugh and applause line in the 1960s.

A little aside, that’s folk singer Joan Baez around the 4:20 mark.

Many have come to Depp’s defense.

His friend, comedian Doug Stanhope publishing an article on The Wrap accusing Heard of blackmailing Depp. Heard’s lawyer called the accusations “outrageous and defamatory false claims” and demanded the story be retracted.

Depp’s ex Vanessa Paradis and has written a letter saying he was never abusive to her and that it looks nothing like the man she knows. His first wife, Lori Anne Easton, has also spoken out in his defense.

Meanwhile, Heard has filed a restraining order, and photos of her bruised and battered face have been released. There are also a series of text messages purported to be between Heard and Depp’s assistant, wherein the two talk about Depp abusing her on numerous occasions. Depp’s assistant is claiming that the text messages were doctored and that he never sent them.

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Quotes Yes is an entertainment and lifestyle online magazine. This article was written by the editors.
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