Ron Greenfield has worked in a number of careers in the film and entertainment industry, most notably as a creative director at CBS/FOX, and the Vice President of Marketing and Creative Services at Spelling Entertainment Group.

He also served as the Chief Marketing Officer for the firm of Software Magic, he worked on developing console and online gaming concepts with companies such as Electronic Arts, Atari, Activision, Dreamworks Interactive, Mattel, and Lucas Arts.

His work also appears in the Hollywood Journal and on his website Aspects of Entertainment.

Working with James Gandolfini and Reese Witherspoon Before They Were Stars

gandolfini witherspoon before celebrity
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On many occasions over the years, I have been asked about the actors and actresses I’ve worked with. Usually I’m reluctant to speak about it, because the top priority, for me anyway, was never about working with celebrities or well known personalities. For me, it was always about the film… Continue reading

The Entertainment Industry: It’s Not All Glitz, Glamour, and Red Carpets

entertainment industry
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Every January the awards season kicks off, beginning with the Golden Globes. Then we make our way to the SAG Awards, The Grammys, The Oscars, and later on, The Tonys and The Emmys. These are it is safe to say, the major ceremonies broadcast throughout the year that we eagerly… Continue reading