10 Awesome Meditation Quotes

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Meditation is a tricky word for many. It means many things to different people, and while it can be as simple as sitting quietly, it turns out to be a lot more challenging than it seems at first blush. It is also more beneficial than it may seem at first.

In fact, scientific research has shown just how beneficial it can be, in everything from boosting compassion, to pain and stress management. If you’re interested in meditation, check out these books to get you started, as well as these meditation quotes, which should provide inspiration.

The trick is not to get discouraged. It will get easier as you continue practicing your meditation. Before you know it you’ll wonder why you didn’t start meditating years earlier. But it’s never too late to start!

Meditation Quotes

1.   Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.

~ Thích Nhất Hạnh

Meditation breathing quote


2.   The point of Buddhist meditation is not to stop thinking, for … cultivation of insight clearly requires intelligent use of thought and discrimination. What needs to be stopped is conceptualisation that is compulsive, mechanical and unintelligent, that is, activity that is always fatiguing, usually pointless, and at times seriously harmful.

~ Alan Wallace

Meditation thought quote


3.   The more I read, the more I meditate; and the more I acquire, the more I am enabled to affirm that I know nothing.

~ Voltaire

Voltaire meditation quote


4.   Meditation is not a means to an end. It is both the means and the end.

~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

Meditation means quote


5.   It is simply sitting silently, witnessing the thoughts, passing before you.
Just witnessing, not interfering not even judging, because the moment you
judge you have lost the pure witness. The moment you say “this is good, this
is bad,” you have already jumped onto the thought process.

~ Osho

Osho meditation quote


6.   You asked me how to get out of the finite dimensions when I feel like it. I certainly don’t use logic when I do it. Logic’s the first thing you have to get rid of.

~ J.D. Salinger, Nine Stories

J.D. Salinger Quote


7.   Sitting still is a pain in the ass.

~ Noah Levine, Against the Stream: A Buddhist Manual for Spiritual Revolutionaries

Noah Levine meditation quote


8.   The flowering of love is meditation.

~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

Krishnamurti meditation quote


9.   Mindful Meditation has been discovered to foster the ability to inhibit those very quick emotional impulses.

~ Daniel Goleman

Goleman meditation quote


10.   How long has it been since you did Absolutely Nothing? I know exactly how long it’s been for me. I know how long it’s been since I had every need met choicelessly from someplace outside me, without my having to ask or even acknowledge that I needed. And that time I was floating, too, and the fluid was salty, and warm but not too-, and if I was conscious at all I’m sure I felt dreadless, and was having a really good time, and would have sent postcards to everyone wishing they were here.

~ David Foster Wallace, A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again

David Foster Wallace quote


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